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The Theodore S. Luddington Memorial Park is located between the Turner Free Library and the Central Fire Station. The park was dedicated in 1962 in honor of Theodore S. Luddington (1900-1961), a Randolph resident and selectman who served on numerous town committees. In 1964, the Randolph Board of Selectman voted to transfer the "care and custody" of the park to the Trustees of the Turner Free Library.

In 2021 and 2022, the Turner Free Library was awarded Community Preservation funds to revitalize the Theodore S. Luddington Memorial Park into a welcoming recreation area for the Randolph community. As part of this project, the Luddington Memorial Park was developed to include an ADA accessible walkway to increase pedestrian safety, the addition of outdoor wireless access points providing free WiFi from the Library to enhance connectivity for park visitors, a mural created by students at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, and the installation of new park furniture and fencing to provide a safe and comfortable environment for relaxation and recreation.


Dedication page in the 126th Annual Report Town of Randolph for the Year Ending December 31st, 1961

Special thanks for the support of this project go to: 

  • Town Manager Brian Howard

  • Randolph Community Preservation Committee

  • Randolph Town Council

  • Randolph Fire Department

  • Trustees of the Turner Free Library

Luddington Park Mural

The Theodore S. Luddington park features a mural created by students at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph and organized by art teacher Jen Vanora. Describing the painting process, Jen notes that "the May Center School specializes in education for students with autism, and our students range in age from 4 to 21. We are thinking about this painting as a community service project, something that our students can give of themselves to the larger community. So, our students are coming to the walkway wall with that in mind, and they really feel good about doing this for the town. We are driving over in very small groups throughout the school day, and each group is adding colors, shapes, and texture. Artistically, we are talking about warm and cool colors, choosing which colors to mix, and which to use next to each other. We are also working on making patterns, as well as layering shapes and colors over the colors of the previous class to build texture. The heat has slowed us down a little bit, but the classes are still excited. We are really proud of how our students are rising to the occasion of giving of their efforts and creativity. Our students have so much to give, and we appreciate the opportunity for them to do so!"

About Theodore S. Luddington

Theodore Stanley Luddington was born on July 13th, 1900 to John and Mabel (sometimes spelled Mabelle) Luddington; the third of their four children. Although Theodore and his sisters Eva, Elizabeth, and Ruth were born in Maine, the family had moved to Randolph by the time of the 1910 United States Federal Census. In 1923, Theodore married Catherine Marion Turner in Avon. They would have one son, Robert Turner Luddington, in 1924. 


Theodore's father John worked in a shoe factory, as did a significant percentage of Randolph residents at the time, and Theodore himself worked as a shoe salesman for a time according to the 1930 Census. Theodore also founded the Tri Town Weekly newspaper, with his occupation listed as the newspaper's publisher in the 1940 City Directory.


In 1938 Theodore was elected to the Randolph "Selectmen and Oversees of Public Welfare," a position he would hold multiple times over the ensuing decades; from 1938-1946, 1948-1950, and 1953-1959. In addition to his work as a Selectmen, Theodore served on numerous town boards and committees including: 

  • Board of Assessors (1943-1953)

  • Planning Board (1935-1938)

  • Board of Trustees of the Turner Free Library, ex officio (1938-1942)

  • School Planning and Building Committee (1949-1955)

  • Town Meeting Member (1953-1961)


Theodore Luddington passed away on August 15th, 1961. The area now known as Theodore S. Luddington Memorial Park was dedicated in his name in 1962. 

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